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Getting Home on 72 Hours of No Sleep: Why Airports are Satan

12:00 AM – Hassleholm Station, Sweden

Someone has filled my table seat with all his shopping bags. *cue Christina Perri* Who do you think you are? Sleeping in crowded cars? I’ll hit you with your guitar…now say au revoir…

9:00 AM – Stockholm Airport

The desk attendant is talking in circles. “I think I got everything but repeat it all over again just to make sure. I wasn’t listening.”

1:00 PM – London to Chicago

The last bit of light in my soul is extinguished. They do not have a vegan meal for me.

My stomach. It cries. Continue reading Getting Home on 72 Hours of No Sleep: Why Airports are Satan

Vegan/Gluten-Free Nori and Collard Wraps

Nori and collard wraps are incredibly easy to make, you just have to put in the effort! With added protein, they’re filling, nutritious, and easy to pack for lunch or roadtrips. I love how versatile they are because if I’m packing them for trips, I can appease just about anyone who isn’t opposed to vegetables. Continue reading Vegan/Gluten-Free Nori and Collard Wraps

Going Soulo: Safety First!

As a fun-loving human being, I immensely enjoy doing all things adventurous, except drugs and breaking the law (sneaking into an abandoned castle doesn’t count if you’re a princess at heart). However, being a female, I recognize that kind of lifestyle does not always conform to my gender. Is this fair? No. But it is reality and I have to learn how to deal with that. Continue reading Going Soulo: Safety First!

Going Soulo: Eco-Friendly Traveling

I truly planned on having this article out earlier this week, but my hotel totally lied about the internet access, my phone would only connect to the internet when I walked across the street, and studying abroad in the midst of chaos is not conducive to writing blog posts. So I apologize for my late eco-friendly traveling post, but now that I’ve returned we can talk shop! Continue reading Going Soulo: Eco-Friendly Traveling