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You Might Be Feminist…You Just Don’t Know It

It’s time to reclaim the word ‘feminism’.

And I don’t mean by plastering it on mugs and t-shirts and tattooing it on our foreheads. By ‘reclaim’, I mean that the time has come for people to shout out what the term truly means and stop all the man-hating nonsense that most people think it is. Feminism isn’t about women stomping on men while we raise our fists to the sky. Continue reading You Might Be Feminist…You Just Don’t Know It

The Polite Silence of Feminism

I’d like to share something with the women (and men) who visit this page. It’s something that I know everyone else experiences. And it makes my blood boil.

I’m friends with mostly guys. And they have a lot to learn in the sexism and equality department, even though they honestly think themselves to be totally respectful of women. They all know I consider myself a feminist, but they can’t get through their skulls that men can be feminists as well. One of them has actually stated that men cannot be feminists and he thinks feminists are too extreme. I feel like if I regulated his testicles and gave him a 20% pay cut, he’d probably be just as militant as he thinks we are. But that’s a story for another time. Continue reading The Polite Silence of Feminism