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Where Our Bodies Have Been

I’d like to talk about this virginity and whore complex thing that’s been going on for at least a couple hundred years (cue sarcasm). As much as I’d like to rant on and on, I’m going to keep this short and sweet because the message that we should all be receiving is exactly that. There are no frills and no footnotes. Continue reading Where Our Bodies Have Been

Heart, Head, and Intuition

I’d like to talk about what happens when you lie to yourself.

I don’t mean The Pizza Lie, when you put two pieces of pizza on top of each other and pretend it’s really one slice. Or The Shoe Lie, when the shoe in question is actually a size too small but you make yourself believe that it fits because they are so fabulous and match your new top. Continue reading Heart, Head, and Intuition

The (Humorous) Confession of a Recovering Workaholic

I have spent the vast majority of my life being an overachieving perfectionist. Such a negative description, but sadly true. Part of it is genetic, but sometimes we encounter environmental factors that push us over the edge and straight down to Crazy Town, Nebraska. My push?

Mononucleosis. I never thought I would be defeated by a virus, but neither did Neighbor 406 in Zombieland. It’s supposed to be relatively harmless. Sleep for a week and you’ll be fine, right?

Continue reading The (Humorous) Confession of a Recovering Workaholic