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On Love

     Loving someone that doesn’t love you back is exhausting. It’s like pouring sand into a bottomless bucket. And paying for a bouquet of roses, but only getting the stems. This is becoming a pattern for me.

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Irish Abortions Legal (Under the Right Circumstances)

Disclaimer: This post is being brought over to my current blog from my previous site, so it isn’t as up-to-date as the other issues I will be publishing.  

Until a few days ago, abortion in Ireland was considered completely illegal.

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Going Soulo: Safety First!

As a fun-loving human being, I immensely enjoy doing all things adventurous, except drugs and breaking the law (sneaking into an abandoned castle doesn’t count if you’re a princess at heart). However, being a female, I recognize that kind of lifestyle does not always conform to my gender. Is this fair? No. But it is reality and I have to learn how to deal with that. Continue reading Going Soulo: Safety First!

Heart, Head, and Intuition

I’d like to talk about what happens when you lie to yourself.

I don’t mean The Pizza Lie, when you put two pieces of pizza on top of each other and pretend it’s really one slice. Or The Shoe Lie, when the shoe in question is actually a size too small but you make yourself believe that it fits because they are so fabulous and match your new top. Continue reading Heart, Head, and Intuition

Awkward Introductions are Awkward

Hey! I’m Allix and I’m going to be sharing all of my wonderful thoughts on food, feminism, intersectionality, film, music, and everything else I love. I get excited about pretty much everything – except patriarchy 😉 I’m the social media chick over at, so if you want to check out the work I’ve done there, you’re more than welcome. I’m moving some of my posts over here so I can start doing my own thing, which is actually pretty exciting! Feel free to follow me on Pinterest (msallixir11) and you can look me up on Facebook, too. Just make sure you PM me so that I know you found me via the blog, otherwise I’ll think you’re creeping 😛 Enjoy!