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Getting Home on 72 Hours of No Sleep: Why Airports are Satan

12:00 AM – Hassleholm Station, Sweden

Someone has filled my table seat with all his shopping bags. *cue Christina Perri* Who do you think you are? Sleeping in crowded cars? I’ll hit you with your guitar…now say au revoir…

9:00 AM – Stockholm Airport

The desk attendant is talking in circles. “I think I got everything but repeat it all over again just to make sure. I wasn’t listening.”

1:00 PM – London to Chicago

The last bit of light in my soul is extinguished. They do not have a vegan meal for me.

My stomach. It cries. Continue reading Getting Home on 72 Hours of No Sleep: Why Airports are Satan

Going Soulo: Safety First!

As a fun-loving human being, I immensely enjoy doing all things adventurous, except drugs and breaking the law (sneaking into an abandoned castle doesn’t count if you’re a princess at heart). However, being a female, I recognize that kind of lifestyle does not always conform to my gender. Is this fair? No. But it is reality and I have to learn how to deal with that. Continue reading Going Soulo: Safety First!

Going Soulo: Eco-Friendly Traveling

I truly planned on having this article out earlier this week, but my hotel totally lied about the internet access, my phone would only connect to the internet when I walked across the street, and studying abroad in the midst of chaos is not conducive to writing blog posts. So I apologize for my late eco-friendly traveling post, but now that I’ve returned we can talk shop! Continue reading Going Soulo: Eco-Friendly Traveling