This Picture is Not Okay

It went like this:

I woke up, went to work, and printed my screenplay with the remaining printing balance on my school account. I thought that I’d hop on Pinterest (since my stuff was taking the gestational period of an elephant to actually print) and what do I see? I see this: Continue reading This Picture is Not Okay


Getting Home on 72 Hours of No Sleep: Why Airports are Satan

12:00 AM – Hassleholm Station, Sweden

Someone has filled my table seat with all his shopping bags. *cue Christina Perri* Who do you think you are? Sleeping in crowded cars? I’ll hit you with your guitar…now say au revoir…

9:00 AM – Stockholm Airport

The desk attendant is talking in circles. “I think I got everything but repeat it all over again just to make sure. I wasn’t listening.”

1:00 PM – London to Chicago

The last bit of light in my soul is extinguished. They do not have a vegan meal for me.

My stomach. It cries. Continue reading Getting Home on 72 Hours of No Sleep: Why Airports are Satan

The Wonderful (and Necessary) World of Intersectionality

Let’s talk about privilege.

It’s going to make some people uncomfortable, but it’s time to iron out the basics. It won’t be going anywhere otherwise and we desperately need the space to talk about it.Progress is slow and feminism is finally shining in the spotlight, but feminism is not just about women. Continue reading The Wonderful (and Necessary) World of Intersectionality

Where Our Bodies Have Been

I’d like to talk about this virginity and whore complex thing that’s been going on for at least a couple hundred years (cue sarcasm). As much as I’d like to rant on and on, I’m going to keep this short and sweet because the message that we should all be receiving is exactly that. There are no frills and no footnotes. Continue reading Where Our Bodies Have Been

You Might Be Feminist…You Just Don’t Know It

It’s time to reclaim the word ‘feminism’.

And I don’t mean by plastering it on mugs and t-shirts and tattooing it on our foreheads. By ‘reclaim’, I mean that the time has come for people to shout out what the term truly means and stop all the man-hating nonsense that most people think it is. Feminism isn’t about women stomping on men while we raise our fists to the sky. Continue reading You Might Be Feminist…You Just Don’t Know It

Vegan/Gluten-Free Nori and Collard Wraps

Nori and collard wraps are incredibly easy to make, you just have to put in the effort! With added protein, they’re filling, nutritious, and easy to pack for lunch or roadtrips. I love how versatile they are because if I’m packing them for trips, I can appease just about anyone who isn’t opposed to vegetables. Continue reading Vegan/Gluten-Free Nori and Collard Wraps

Lasagne a colazione

il cibo non è mai stato un problema (tutto il resto invece sì)

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